Strong Foundation! - Angeline Grace Tan

-- ( 10/07/2015 ) --

Đăng ký học thử ngay hôm nay và nhận quà hấp dẫn. HOÀN TOÀN MIỄN PHÍ!              

Angie watches keenly whenever her elder sister gets to spend time with me working on our table. When she asked to do the "big children worksheets", we knew she was ready. She has good fine motor skills and penmanship for her age. We enrolled her in June 2013, when she was just 4 years and 4 months old. I like the strong foundation that Eye Level worksheets are designed to provide. Introduction to numbers using stories and shapes, and using level appropriate language makes learning fun. She is always able to complete most of her work independently. Gradually, story sums were added into her worksheets. It was also at that time that her literacy skill started to pick up. She is now able to read simple instructions and stories. So, not only is Eye Level able to give her a head start on mathematics, it is also a catalyst for her language improvement. Her kindergarten teacher had also commended Angeline on the acceleration in her language and mathematics abilities during the Parent-Teacher Meeting. One of her classmate was impressed enough to tell his mum about it. So, on our next play date, I brought both mother and son to our centre at Novena. The son underwent a diagnostic assessment and blended well into the class dynamics. The mother signed him up promptly. Now, the two best friends get to compare notes and do worksheets together. Dorothy Teo (September 2014)

Giáo trình sinh động! Giáo viên nhiệt tình! Học phí hợp lý và nhiều ưu đãi. Đăng ký học thử ngay hôm nay nhé!