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1. What is Eye Level?

Eye Level is the key to self-directed learning.  We nurture problem solvers, critical thinkers, and

life-long learners.Apremier supplemental education and enrichment program, Eye Level offers an innovative and effective teaching method, in a fun and exciting learning environment, where

self-directed learning, individualized academic coaching, and critical thinking are at the core of helping children improve and excel in their academic pursuits.



2. Is the Eye Level program proven?

The Eye Level program is aligned with the National Council ofTeachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the National Council ofTeachers of English (NCTE).  Since the birth of the Eye Level program and its migrationacrosstheglobe,  enrollmentandcustomersatisfactionfigures  have  continuedtoincrease. ThissuccessislargelyduetoEyeLevel’scommitmenttooperatingfromthecore  valuesofhonesty, passion, and respect. Eye Level strives for the betterment of society through creative, sound products and services that enrich the lives of families around the world, while inspiring pride in our own employees.


3. What makes Eye Level stand out from other supplementary education centers or tutors?

EyeLevelbegins withourcore  concept havingevery  childbelieve,  “Iamthekey.”Through  our curriculum,thestudentfollowsastep-by-stepprocessthatallowshim/hertobecomeaconfident, self-directed learner.The student learns and masters each concept, through an individually tailored experience focused on developing not only basic skills but also critical thinking ability, not by pure repetition or memorization. We also strive to meet and coach the child on his/her level.This process is aided by our low teacher to student ratio that allows for a balance of independent student and

one-on-one academic coaching.


4. How do Eye Level instructors develop self-directed learning?

Eye Level instructors encourage the development of self-directed learning by setting goals with students, establishing individualized lesson plans, adjusting those plans when appropriate, and providing routine academic coaching. Self-directed learning ability develops within a student over the course of months, not just a few weeks, so the longer the student is enrolled in Eye Level, the stronger his/her self-directed learning skills will become.



5. When should I start to expect results or improvement in my child?

Althoughresults mayvary,significantpositive  changesinstudyhabits  andunderstanding ofconcepts have been observable after being enrolled within a couple of weeks. Each child learns differently and at different speeds. Our Eye Level centers are designed to stimulate an individual curriculum to comfortably  equip  students.Duringtheenrollmentprocess,theEyeLevelcenterdirectorwill establish individual goals with the student, so that the parent will be able to anticipate the progress of his/her child.


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